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How to Subscribe

Frequently Asked Questions

Which newspapers and magazines are included in the database?

Newspaper Index:
  • The Age
  • The Australian
  • The Herald Sun
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • Business Review Weekly
  • Time Magazine
Magazine Index:
  • Art & Australia
  • Australian Geographic
  • Australasian Science
  • Business Review Weekly
  • Cosmos
  • Current Environmental Issues
  • Current Social Issues
  • Ecodate
  • Economist
  • Family matters
  • Habitat
  • Issues
  • Literature Base
  • Magpies
  • Metro
  • National Geographic
  • New Internationalist
  • New Scientist
  • Reading Time
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Scientific American
  • Screen Education
  • TechLife
  • The Big Issue
  • Time
The Magazine & The Australian newspaper index includes all the magazines listed plus The Australian newspaper only.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Simply tell us what you would like and it can be changed to something your users can easily remember.

How up to date is Newscan Indexing Service?

The database is updated weekly.

How easy is it to search your database?

The database is very user friendly. Accessible subject headings and links are provided to guide the user through their search. The database refers the searcher to terms and topics that are cross-referenced automatically.

Can I find feature articles, opinion pieces and letters to the editor?

Yes, Newscan Newspaper and Magazine Indexing Service covers every major article in the publications (with the exception of selections only from Daily Telegraph) and you can search for opinion pieces, features, letters to the editor or editorials as required.

Is Newscan Indexing Service more than just an online database?

Yes, you can print Weekly or Monthly lists of subjects in alphabetical order for students to browse through and keep as a ready reference.

Are article texts provided for every reference in the online index?

No. Mainly, references are given to articles in newspapers and magazines in your library collection. Some articles will have hyperlinks to actual text and all articles in Hot Topics are linked to text.

What are "Hot Topics"?

Hot topics are ready-made selections of articles on a topic in the news. In Hot Topics all articles have hyperlinks to actual article text and it provides relevant websites to guide students through the maze of search engines. These topics change often and reflect changing controversial issues in the news. Hot Topics can be accessed online or you can print out a copy for users.

Are "Hot Topics" included in all the Newscan Indexes?

The Magazine Index does not include Hot Topics. All other Newscan indexes include this feature.

Can I try it out before I subscribe?

Yes, just email us and we will send you passwords for a free 14 day trial period.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Magazine Index
$330 pa (including GST) This includes a password access to the Newscan magazine database.

Newspaper Index
$660 pa (including GST) This includes a password access to the Newscan newspaper database.

Magazine & The Australian newspaper Index
$440 pa (including GST) This includes a password access the database.

Newspaper and Magazine Index Combo
$800 pa (including GST) This includes a password access to both Newscan Newspapers and Magazines on the one database.

Can the Newspaper and Magazine Indexes be accessed together?

Yes. Subscribers can access both databases on the one site. Users can access the newspapers and magazines separately, or you can use the database as a single one accessing both newspapers and magazines at once. This is your choice at any given search.

Email us for further information.